TOU suggests a new type of rattan furniture that harmonizes with
modern space. Made from the finest materials and world’s first class
manufacturing technology, the simple appearance is designed
so that it harmonizes with all kinds of space.
The furniture has carefully arranged details that are easy to use,
and robust structure that endures long time use. It aims to be the
furniture of the new age made from quality natural material.

WR lounge chair

WR side chair
windsor rattan

MR lounge chair

MR side chair

MR arm chair
ming rattan

SR lounge chair / SR lounge chair_arm

SR side chair / SR side chair_arm

SR bench / SR stool
shaker rattan




TOU’s furniture has been focusing on three concepts for design. 
The first one is structural approach.
Due to its significantly resilient and stout properties, rattan is a material easy to be deformed by force. Therefore, a lot of reinforced members are required for parts where certain force is applied but TOU’s furniture has been designed aiming at realizing a simple structure with a sense of unity while trying to minimize the reinforcement to be recognized accordingly. It is a concept to create a “structure” with beauty in addition to strength.

The second one is a historical approach.
Even though rattan furniture has its own long history, various kinds of wooden furniture across the world have much longer history of design. With essences learned from such history, TOU’s furniture applies new functionalities and ideas to such prototype models to convert into new rattan furniture. In doing so, we believe it possible to create new rattan furniture with originality fused with tradition and innovation. It’s a concept of “redesign” aiming at achieving authentic evolution of furniture.

The last one is a spatial approach.
We have considered sincerely in what kinds of spaces TOU’s furniture is used, and what kinds of functionalities and concepts it should equip with. We have been pursuing appropriate balance between them assuming various places it is to be placed from Japanese traditional space such as Japanese inn to open-airspaces at resorts. Stacking function which is rare in rattan furniture as well as seat replacing system are functionalities figured out to match places it is used and people who use it.

In a town of Cirebon in Indonesia, the top rattan furniture production region in the world, TOU’s furniture is manufactured by craftsperson by hand one by one. 



All of TOU products are made of Indonesian high-grade rattan.
"Manau" material of the highest quality produced in Sumatra is used for the frame. The material of Manau is considered to be the most excellent material due to its density and strength, beauty of the surface. “Sega” material of grade A produced in Kalimantan is used for parts of knitted-in, joint and rattan peel.
* SICS mahogany is used for a part of seating face frame.

Even though rattan is a plant with extremely high speed of growth, its quantity of production has been on the decrease be cause of recent successor problem, environmental crisis such as tropical forest destruction, raw material export restrictions as well as restriction of raw materials export. In order to preserve the sustainable environment and materials, we have been providing supports to NPOs which have been active in planting of rattan and preservation of tropical forest while keeping manufacturing of TOU series products in mind.